MSc Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials - BiWEM

MSc Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials - BiWEM

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    Energy Engineering, Environment and Energy, Process Engineering
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Given the current context of natural resource depletion, environmental and public health crises related to air and water pollution, pressures on energy supplies, we are facing a paradigm shift. The linear model "take, make, consume and dispose" is progressively being replaced by a 4R approach "repair, refurbish, reuse and recycle".
The circular economy is becoming day after day a new development strategy for nations. Better eco-design, waste prevention and reuse bring significant net savings for businesses, while also reducing environmental harm and bringing new job opportunities. Turning biomass and waste into a valuable resource is at the heart of this strategy. Generating new materials, processes and markets requires global high-level training, including science, technology, regulatory knowledge, management and economics. All these innovative systems will emerge at the crossroads of process engineering, chemistry, fluid mechanics, thermal science, environmental sciences and economics as well as social sciences and humanities. BiWEM was created to satisfy the growing needs of this dynamic sector.
The objectives of BiWEM are to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical specialised knowledge in the field of biomass and waste processing. Students in the program will acquire the ability to design economically viable biological or thermochemical processes for the conversion of biomass and waste into new materials or energy carriers, within a sustainable development frame. Consequently, BiWEM focuses on chemical engineering but also includes courses on economics, international regulations and on certain areas of the social sciences and humanities.


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Participants must hold a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree, in the field of chemical engineering, clean technology, mechanical engineering

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