Advanced Master in Innovative and Secure IoT Systems

Advanced Master in Innovative and Secure IoT Systems

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The Innovative and Secure IoT Systems Advanced Master is developed in partnership with Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT and ISIS.

Today, the world is experiencing an exponential development of smart devices with an estimated growth rate between 20% to 30% over the next 10 years. One third of companies has an innovative smart systems project involving connected objects this year. Dealing with these systems requires not only multidisciplinary technical expertise, but also a strong sense of innovation and an awareness of social boundaries.

The course covers the social aspects, innovation techniques (e.g., TRIZ, creativity sessions, etc.), entrepreneurship, physical aspects and the manufacturing of sensors / actuators, fast prototyping in electronics, communication mechanisms and the architecture of the Internet of Things including the analysis and processing of data from these systems with a Cloud connection and Big Data.

The course culminates with an innovative product which will allow the students to put into practice most of their multidisciplinary skills. On this degree course, the heart of pedagogical innovation lies in the following points that foster strong commitment, acute retention, and the success of each of our students.


This course trains students to innovate, design, implement, and market a «smart system» starting from devices to business applications taking into account wider societal issues.


2 semesters

Program Start


Course details

Training content

Organization of the program:

IoT Advanced Master is a one-year program.  The first semester contains academic parts, while the second semester is dedicated to an internship in companies.

Training program:

Part 1 – Core Modules: Innovative Smart Systems - ISS

Smart devices, Communication, Middleware and Service, Analysis and Data Processing, Business Applications, Innovative project, Innovation and Humanity.

Part 2 – Security

Part 3 - One of these options

  • Option 1: Business and Startup
  • Option 2: E-health
  • Option 3: Real-time IoT: Factory of the future


More information about the course can be found here.

Fees & Funding

Tuition fees

The annual tuition fees are 9000€.

Living costs

Average monthly living costs for a student in Toulouse is between 700 and 1000€.  The amount depends a lot on the accommodation you will choose.

Detailed information about living expenses can be found in the Student Guide.  

Scholarships from INSA

Acceptance to scholarships from INSA can reduce the tuition fees down to 5000€ per year.

Scholarship through a reduction of the fees can be offered to students coming from partner universities.

Exceptionally the same kind of scholarship can be given to top level students.

Other scholarships:

  • Scholarships from the French government (Eiffel scholaarship, embassies…)
  • Scholarships from the European Union (Erasmus, Leonardo…)
  • Scholarships from the French regional authorities (town halls, regions…)
  • Scholarships from academic labs or industrial companies.

For other scholarship information, we recommend to check Campus Bourse.


Access condition

Admission requirements

Applicants must have a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree with professional experience.

Required documents:

  • Copy of the last diploma
  • Transcript of the last diploma or a document describing the lectures of the 2 previous years
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • English level test, if available


Application deadline:

Application could be done all year long. Interviews are held every month.

Student Life


There are several possibilities of accommodation at INSA:

  • The Crous residences
  • The Promologis Group residences
  • The R1 CROUS-INSA residence: Centrally located on the campus of INSA Toulouse and offers 221 student rooms, which are attributed in priority to students enrolled at INSA on the basis of social criteria. Rents range from 189.50€ to 332.50€. To apply for this residence, please click here.

Students can be helped in their accommodation search by the Welcome Desk or Toul’Box.

To learn more about different types of accommodation in France, you can read this article.

Part-time jobs

If you a European national, you do not have any work restrictions in France.

If you are not a EU citizen, normally you will have a long-term student visa (VLS-TS) which allows international students to work for 960 hours over a one-year period (on average, 20 hours per week). Internships are not included in this limit.

Part-time student jobs are available in Toulouse, from bar work to babysitting, for students who speak at least a minimum of French. Announcements are put up on campus announcements boards, and it is recommended that students distribute their CVs in person to local bars and restaurants.

Student clubs

Life at INSA is very rich thanks to the many clubs and associations which allow students to take part in variety of humanitarian, sports, economic or cultural activities.

Student associations and clubs create a friendly atmosphere on campus and organize important events. Click here to find the complete list of student clubs.

About School

And after ...

Career prospects

This degree gives several career opportunities:

  • R & D,
  • Engineer in Technology,
  • The design and development of IoT,
  • Innovation and its management,
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO, Data Director),
  • Director of Information Systems (ISD),
  • Industrial director,etc.


Target companies range from start-ups to large international groups and small and medium-sized enterprises. The analysis of the professional integration of graduates from INSA Toulouse who have taken the core modules Innovative Smart System cross-curriculum shows excellent employability (80% of the internships in the IoT field and 100% of students employed on permanent contracts) and variety in terms of type of company. The analysis of internships and first jobs also highlights the very high demand, both unfilled and sustainable, of business partners.

Graduate residence permit

The graduates of this program can apply for a residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" ("job search / business creation") for graduate students. This residence permit allows students to remain in France for up to one year to look for employment.

At the end of your studies, if you have obtained your diploma, you can apply for a residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" (except Algerian students). This residence permit replaces the temporary residence permit that was previously issued to graduate students ("APS Master").

This residence permit can also be requested from abroad: if you leave France at the end of your studies, you can apply for the residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" at the French consulate in your home country or your country of residence within 4 years after graduation. More information:


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