Advanced Master in Helicopter, Aircraft and Drone Architecture – HADA

Advanced Master in Helicopter, Aircraft and Drone Architecture – HADA

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The Advanced Master’s course in Helicopter, Aircraft and Drone Architecture (HADA) is designed and developed by ISAE-SUPAERO and Airbus Helicopters.

This 2-semester program provides a high-level of engineering and technical skills for careers in the aircraft, helicopter and drone industries. This new program provides the basic skills required for aeronautical engineers (architecture, certification and structures) and specific skills to identify problems, come up with alternatives, choose and implement solutions to aircraft, helicopter and drone issues.

Drones will be developed as they represent a significant part of the activity in the future aerospace sector. Industrial, regulatory and logistical challenges will therefore emerge. As a result, future aerospace engineers interested in being part of these innovative projects will need to call on and develop new skills and expand their current knowledge.

This program offers full training from systems to structures and taking in aerodynamics, flight dynamics and certification while encouraging and taking account of the diversity in the profiles of selected applicants. This ADVANCED MASTER® course adapts to take account of the new skills required. This is training at the highest level leading to a degree recognized by industry and adapted to current and future aeronautical engineering.


2 semesters

Program Start


Course details

  • Année 1
    • Semestre 1
    • Semestre 2

Training content

Organization of the program:

The HADA Advanced Master is a one-year program which is divided into 2 semesters.

First semester: academic session from September to February, provided by the tenured professors at ISAE-SUPAERO and aeronautical industry experts with their up to the minute knowledge and experience (Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Group, Safran/Turbomeca, Thales, etc.). Including: lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions.

Second semester: students have to prepare a professional thesis in the aerospace industry or in the laboratory, in France or abroad, supervised by a tutor from the host organization and from ISAE-SUPAERO. Once completed, the thesis is submitted to a jury in an oral presentation.

 Training program

Semester 1

Part 1 – Aircraft structures, Aircraft architecture and certification

Aircraft architecture – Certification – Computer Aided Design Structures

Part 2 – Fixed-wing Aircraft

Engines and powerplant – Aircraft linked-systems – Avionics systems – Flight dynamics

Part 3 Helicopter

Helicopter: Aerodynamics and flight qualities performance Helicopter dynamics – Helicopter construction materials and techniques Helicopter Systems – Helicopter: Prototypes, tests and production quality assurance

Part 4 – Drone:

Drone systems: design and mission Payload and sensors for UAV’s Drone safety and airworthiness Drone guidance and navigation Drone operation and human factors Neutral network for control and diagnoses

Semester 2

Internship and professional thesis.

Fees & Funding

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary between €9,500 and €20,500 depending on your situation. To check the exact amount, please click here.

Living costs

Average monthly living costs for a student in Toulouse is between 700 and €1,000. The amount depends a lot on the accommodation you will choose.

Detailed information about living expenses can be found in the Student Guide.  

Scholarships from ISAE-SUPAERO

There are numerous scholarships for International students at ISAE-SUPAERO. The complete and updated list can be found here.

For other scholarship information, we recommend to check Campus Bourse.


Access condition

Admission requirements

In order to apply for the TAS AERO one must hold a Master’s degree, or an equivalent degree in science or engineering, or a Bachelor degree with at least 3 years of professional experience.

Admissions committees

There are several admissions sessions for the TAS AERO. 
The application files filled in ‘on line’ are analyzed by an admissions committee which meets in accordance to the schedule presented here. It is highly recommended to apply as soon as possible.

Language requirements

All students must provide an English Language Certificate, even if their previous course was taught in English:

  • TOEFL IBT (Inst.Code: 9820): 85 or
  • TOEIC: 785 or
  • IELTS: 6.5 or
  • CAE/FCE Cambridge: 170.

(Citizens of the following countries are exempt from the test: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States)

Required documents:

  • a resume,
  • a cover letter,
  • a copy of your highest diploma or certificate of enrollment,
  • transcripts for the 3 last years,
  • English test results: TOEFL IBT (Inst.Code : 9820): 85 or TOEIC: 785 or IELTS: 6.5 or CAE/FCE Cambridge: 170,
  • GRE test results if taken (not mandatory)
  • application fee of €90.
  • 2 letters of recommendation sent directly by professors.

Documents have to be officially translated in French or English.

Military candidates from abroad : upload the diplomatic file.

Application deadline: 29th June

Student Life

Toul’Box ressources to get settled in Toulouse are offered to MAE students. Pack includes:

  • One-to-one with the Toul'Box team (welcome pack, help with housing benefits, temporary residence procedures...)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Help with home insurance
  • Public transport travel pass-Pastel
  • SIM Card
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Booking accommodation
  • Help with formalities - Deposits and Guarantees
  • Guided tour of Toulouse


SAE-SUPAERO offers students a new campus and an outstanding living and learning environment including 6 new or totally renovated student residences.

The campus offers some:

  • 982 housing units
  • A dining hall,
  • A student center (MDE) including a snack bar, lounge, and sports facilities for yoga, bodybuilding, squash, as well as TV rooms, and rooms reserved for clubs and organizations.

Each student residence has common areas including work rooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

WIFIRST offer (Internet, TV, Telephone) from 12,50€/month.

For more information and application, please consult the hall’s website.

Students who wish to find private accommodation can be helped in their accommodation search by the Welcome Desk or Toul’Box.

To learn more about different types of accommodation in France, you can read this article.

Part-time jobs

If you a European national, you do not have any work restrictions in France.

If you are not a EU citizen, normally you will have a long-term student visa (VLS-TS) which allows international students to work for 960 hours over a one-year period (on average, 20 hours per week). Internships are not included in this limit.

Part-time student jobs are available in the institute (admission office, library, language dpt) or in Toulouse (from bar work to babysitting), for students who speak at least a minimum of French. Announcements are put up on campus announcements boards, and it is recommended that students distribute their CVs in person to local bars and restaurants.

Student clubs

The ISAE-SUPAERO campus offers an ideal environment for personal growth and development. Students have an exceptionally rich association life including cultural, artistic, social and athletic activities within the scope of nearly 100 clubs and associations. Learn about them in detail! Find the complete list of associations on the Student Office website.

About School

And after ...

Further studies

PhD available only for students holding a Master degree before entering the institute.

Career prospects

This program prepares participants for a wide range of professional opportunities from design, certification and operation of civil and military aircraft, drones and helicopters in France and overseas.

Recruiting companies: Altran, Airbus Group, Airbus Helicopters, Safran-Turbomeca, Thales, SAGEM, Dassault Aviation, Gendarmerie Nationale, SONAIR (Angola), Helibras (Brazil), AVIC (China) HAL (India), Pawan Hans Helicopters ltd (India), Airbus Helicopters Mexico, Algerian Air Force, Brazilian Navy, Chile Air Force, Indian Air Force, Pakistan Army, Tunisian Air Force, Sauber f1 team

Graduate residence permit

The graduates of this program can apply for a residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" ("job search / business creation") for graduate students. This residence permit allows students to remain in France for up to one year to look for employment.

At the end of your studies, if you have obtained your diploma, you can apply for a residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" (except Algerian students). This residence permit replaces the temporary residence permit that was previously issued to graduate students ("APS Master").

This residence permit can also be requested from abroad: if you leave France at the end of your studies, you can apply for the residence permit "recherche d'emploi / création d'entreprise" at the French consulate in your home country or your country of residence within 4 years after graduation. More information:


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