My Wishlist / My Account

  • How to apply online?


    All you need is to create an account. Just click on “apply” and fill in the required fields. An email confirming your account will be sent to enable you to make an online candidacy submission.

  • Why creating an account?


     Your account is a secured space giving you access to all the information you need. It enables you to subscribe to Toulouse Tech It Easy, apply online, modify your personal data at any time, and find out your candidacy application’s state of progress.

  • I’d like to create my Wishlist. What should I do?


    When you consult a course fact sheet, you can save it by clicking on “add to my wishlist”. When you’ve entered the email to memorise your wishlist, you’ll be sent an email with the list of courses added as well as a link enabling you to complete your account.

Application Status

  • How to check my application status?


    You just need to log-in to your personal space.

  • I’ve sent requests via the portal, what should I do now?


    You’ll be informed of the status of your request by email.

    If the school is interested in your profile, it will contact you to continue the recruitment process.


  • My application has been validated; does that mean the school has selected me?


    Validation of your application doesn’t mean that the school has accepted you. It means that your application is being studied.

    Validation doesn’t mean “admission”

  • I’ve just been notified by email that the school has retained my application. Does that mean I've been enrolled???


    No, it means that the school has decided to study your candidacy in greater depth.

  • Can I submit several candidacy requests?


    Yes you can submit up to 5 requests.

Registration fees

  • Are online applications free of charge?


    No, Toulouse Tech will ask you to pay the sum of €70 to cover all your requests.

  • I’ve paid the registration fee via the Toulouse Tech portal… Will I have to pay the school a second time if my candidacy is accepted?


    No, candidacy fees are not charged twice.

  • If I submit 3 candidacy requests, must I pay 3 x €70€ ?


    No, Toulouse Tech will ask you to pay the sum of €70 once only; it covers all your requests.

  • Can I get my money back if the school doesn’t choose me?


    No, there’s no refund.

Getting a visa

  • Do I need a visa to study in France?


    Conditions for becoming a student within a French institution depend on your nationality, country of residence and type of studies envisaged. For further information, you should consult the dedicated page on the Campus France website : http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/rubrique/etudier-en-france

E.C.T.S. (European Credit Transfert System)

  • What is the ECTS European university credit system?


    The initials LMD stand for Licence (Bachelor’s), Master’s and Doctorate.

    These are 3 qualifications recognised at National and European level.

    They are converted into European credits known as ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).


    BACHELOR’S 6 semesters / 180 ECTS (L)

    MASTER’S 10 semesters / 300 ECTS (M)

    DOCTORATE 16 semesters / 480 ECTS (D)