Student Testimony


"Studying a master in aeronautics in Toulouse is really amazing. Firstly, because the city is considered the Aeronautical Valley from Europe and secondly, because here we have one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world; Airbus. The combination of aeronautical companies and aeronautical universities gives to the student the opportunity to develop his knowledge in the best possible way and to continue his learning; thanks to the diversity of investigation groups. This is the reason why studying Aeronautics in Toulouse is really a good choice for a passionate student".


“It is a perfect place to do Masters program as it is home of many aerospace industries. Hence it offers lot of opportunities to gain industrial knowledge. My university has students from across the world and it gave me the chance to know more about their country and culture. People are very welcoming and I've gained some lifelong friends. There are lot of activities to do across the town during the free time. But French knowledge is highly advised to integrate well with everyone. In short, it is an experience that is worthwhile completely!"


Toulouse is definitely the best city in which I have studied! There is always something to do thanks to the numerous student associations: parties, cultural activities and sports. The city centre is beautiful and lively, especially near the Garonne river. The schools are amongst the best in Europe and studying here allowed me to do my internships in prestigious firms. It took me only one sunset to fall in love with Toulouse, its pink brick buildings, its culture and its unique atmosphere!